Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Flying Saucer UFO Sighting over Mexico (Video)

A flying saucer UFO was caught on tape in Mexico on Sunday which is obviously not an airplane. It's got the classic unidentified flying object profile and was caught spontaneously zooming over a highway by a passing motorist.

What is it?

The video recorded on Sunday shows a disk-shaped object, very dark in color, zooming through a cloudy sky over Cuernavaca, Mexico. The unidentified flying object has no wings, no lights, no rotors, no engines, and emits no exhaust.

The sighting was made by a witness riding down a highway in a passenger car, filmed out the back seat window. Too bad the microphone was turned all the way up, because the wind rattling in the background is very annoying.

But the UFO itself is worth the buzzing, because it's one of the best sightings caught on tape recently.

This is obviously not any known, conventional aircraft. It glides through the air without making a sound. Just another spectacular sighting in Mexico. What is it? Here's the video: