Monday, 25 June 2012

Weird Flying Saucer UFO Snapped over Australia (Video)

By Tom Rose

An unusually lighted flying saucer UFO was snapped in several photographs darting among the wispy clouds of an undisclosed area over Australia. What is it?

The unidentified flying object is seen in a series of still photographs from different angles and enlarged to reveal a transparent disc-shaped object with an unusual light array, arranged like a cross X pattern, blazing through its center.

The YouTuber gives virtually no information about the sighting other than that it was snapped somewhere in Australia. The shape of the object is very unusual and doesn't look aerodynamic at all. How does it fly?

The object even seems to change shape depending on the angle showing itself to the camera. Of course, video of this UFO would have been much better since there's nothing like seeing how it moves through the air. But this sighting is unusual enough to ask the usual question: What is it? Here's the video: