Friday, 22 June 2012

UFO Dodges Choppers over London (Video)

By Tom Rose

A video on YouTube shows photos of a UFO dodging between two military helicopters flying across the skies over London. The silver orb is caught on two photos which show it advancing across the sky at an incredible rate, much faster than any balloon or bird.

The YouTuber posting the video claims to have snapped the two exclusive photos in the early afternoon of a cloudy day in London and promises to post video of the sighting soon.

The photos evoke the classic era of unidentified flying object sightings when witnesses were armed with nothing more than still cameras rather than video cell phones. So the quality is not very good.

But the UFO must be traveling at tremendous speed considering the distance it travels between the two photos in which the helicopters advance relatively little.

Enlargement of the object doesn't help much other than to show it's not a bird, a balloon, a helicopter or a plane. So what is it? Here's the video: