Thursday, 21 June 2012

Phil Hoyle’s Shropshire UFO Casebook – Part 9 – The real Men In Black

Link to Phil Hoyle’s Shropshire UFO Casebook – Part 9 – The real Men In Black

In this Shropshire UFO casebook for, UFO researcher Phil Hoyle explains how one UFO witness was visited by a strange man.

In part 6 of my casebook I talked about an incident involving Roger Erdington who lived near Newport, Shropshire. He had contacted us after we had placed an advert in the local Newport newspaper in the hope people in that surrounding area might contact us regarding any UFO sightings or encounters. His response was very interesting yet disturbing.
Roger related a very weird incident that took place in the 70’s at his nursery business that he ran for more than 35 years. One afternoon Roger had heard someone calling him from the lower level of his storage building, which was situated in an old barn. He politely asked the person to come up stairs to where he was working, after a few moments a short dapper little man, grey haired in a bank managers suit carrying a briefcase came up the stairs and asked, if he was Roger Erdington? “Yes I am” Roger replied, at this point he presumed the man was a VAT or Tax inspector. The man opened his briefcase and pulled out a manuscript, Roger was told that he must scrutinize the document, which was quite lengthy, digest it, and then destroy it. Roger asked what it was, telling the mystery man that if it was some sort of sales gimmick he didn’t want to buy it, and explained that if it was insurance he was fully insured. The man looked at Roger and said “no it’s neither of those”, it was at this point Roger asked who he was?

The man replied with his name and explained that he was a professor and had brought important documents for him to read.
Roger scanned the document and said it looked like “Political Treaties”, the man replied “I suppose you could call it that, but read it all and do as you’re told and then destroy it.” Roger wondered why this man was there, and asked him, where he was from? The man had an Australian accent and replied that he was a professor at Brisbane University, the man then looked at his watch and said he couldn’t stay long explaining ”You’re the last one I’ve got to do and I’m catching an aeroplane from Manchester shortly.”
Roger, who was rather confused by the incident, asked the man to leave the manuscript on the bench, which he did and then he left. From the upper window Roger can see anyone leaving the premises by the only access point below, but he never saw the man leave the building, he had just vanished, Ray’s wife was present also at the time and confirms this incident.
That night Roger started to read the manuscript and was dumbfounded by its content, it told of future earth events. Roger read the manuscript and as instructed, threw the manuscript on the fire!
The following year Roger did a lot of research on the man who had visited him; he discovered that the strange man had never worked at Brisbane University and that the mans name related to someone who had been dead for the past 70 years. Could the strange man belong to an alien race known as the “Watchers” it is believed that this benevolent human type race are responsible for overseeing the evolutionary development of humanity and appear at times of great trouble to guide man in the right direction.
Regarding the content of the manuscript-document it related to the political chaos of the world starting from 1971 to approximately 2022. It mentioned the events of 9/11 and that China would become a great world super power. It also mentioned trouble in Korea and great problems with Muslim nations.
This is only one of many similar incidents I have investigated over the past 30 years and makes me wonder what secret or forbidden knowledge has been passed to individuals that might still be lying in an old dusty cupboard or attic?