Thursday, 31 May 2012

Strange lights over Blue Springs Missouri: Mystery UFO's continue to baffle residents

Strange lights seen over Blue Springs, Missouri for weeks remain a mystery
UFO sightings are increasing daily in 2012...what..or in the skies over planet Earth?

'They've inundated our newsroom with calls and e-mails... Those strange lights over Blue Springs....We still don't know what these things are, but we do know more people are seeing them, in fact we're still getting calls as we speak..." KCTV5 Missouri
Blue Springs residents aren't the only ones scratching their heads over the strange lights which have become frequent nocturnal visitors, the station reports.

The Missouri UFO Network has been overwhelmed with the number of calls that they are getting from residents spotting the pulsing multi-coloured sphere in the sky.

Missouri's station KCTV5 has also been inundated with calls since a report May 24th was first aired, including calls from people from around the world confirming that they have seen the same glowing objects.

Videos shot in the last year confirm an identical sphere has been witnessed in Croatia, in Italy, as well as in numerous other countries and US States.

'See how they pulse back and forth? That's consistent with what we've seen on other nights...'

FAA refered the station to NORAD, however the agency stated that they did have some calls regarding some strange sightings, but that they have 'no record' of those calls.

Local news asks the question:

'If it is not a star, a planet or a plane then what is that strange light in the night sky? That is what residents of Blue Springs, Missouri are asking.'