Saturday, 5 May 2012

Multi-colored UFO in Lithuania (video)

A man in Bialystock, Lithuania filmed a strange UFO in the night sky on Tuesday, May 1st. The Daily Mail describes the object as looking like a police siren, because “It spins and flashes in different colours, and remains motionless for four minutes.”

Four still images from the video, showing the multi-colored flashing lights. (Credit: Robertas01234/YouTube)

The object in the video never displays any sort of motion. And the flashing colors of light seem better suited for a nightclub than an alien spacecraft. The object in question is likely a balloon with LED lights. But the UFO’s apparent lack of movement is unusual, as balloons tend to drift through the sky, rather than sitting motionless. It is difficult to determine much from the low-quality, shaky video. But there are a wide variety of products on the market today enabling people to launch illuminated objects into the night sky to create a visual spectacle like the one seen in this video from Lithuania.