Friday, 18 May 2012

More Sightings of the Fresno UFO (Video)

By Tom Rose

A total of three independently filmed videos of the same UFO hovering over Fresno, California on Friday have been compiled and posted to YouTube. What do they show?

The video compilation, posted by the popular paranormal investigator SheilaAliens, pulls together three independent eyewitness videos of the unidentified flying object from different areas of Fresno and three different times of day, ranging from 11 AM to nearly 8 PM on Friday, May 11, 2012.

Also included are screenshots of various blogs and News station web site reports chronicling the incidents and the effect the sightings are having on Fresno residents and, now, the rest of the nation as this sighting picks up steam and is being covered by mainstream media.

All this activity points up the burgeoning debate about this issue and the increasing amount of reported UFO sightings as camera phone users upload new content on to the web and the quality of imagery vastly improves.

What gave the sighting its initial impetus, however, was the fact that the original video was caught by an NBC cameraman in Fresno, leading to widespread, serious coverage of this amazing sighting.

Still, the central question remains: What is it? Here's the video:

(Mac - watch on full screen).