Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lunar Astronaut Addresses Orb UFO Sightings (Video)

By Tom Rose

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a former NASA astronaut and lunar landing command module pilot, phoned in to a UFO sightings conference and offered a professional opinion concerning the explosion of "orb" incidents sweeping the world.

His advice? "Be patient." Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but, interestingly, Dr. Mitchell also disagreed that these orb sightings are new.

Weighing in on the matter over a speakerphone at an unidentified, though recent, conference on the subject, Dr. Mitchell was asked his opinion of the significant increase in the type of sighting becoming known as the "orb" or, even more specifically, the "silver orb" UFO type which have definitely seemed to be on the rise, if videos posted to YouTube are any indicator.

Although this video lacks in audio quality, it's recorded well enough to convey that the former lunar astronaut believes these sightings are nothing new, having been reported for as least as long as he himself has been investigating the phenomenon.

It's hard to say exactly what his position is, and, due to the poor quality of the audio, it's only supposition to conclude this respected and accomplished scientist, who has actually flown to the Moon and back, feels that there may be a singularity, or disclosure event on the horizon.

Is it possible the military is getting ready to unveil a super-secret type of aircraft which can explain the rise in these sightings? It's not clear.

The good doctor can also be heard speculating as to whether these orbs are capable of some technology which gives them the ability to shift their shape or even to "cloak" themselves.

Either event could be explained by new experimental aircraft which the general population cannot even begin to comprehend, or he even may be alluding to contact with another form of life existing in, and navigating through, our own Galaxy and Universe.

No matter the answer, it's a powerful statement from a respected scientist which should propel the legitimacy of this debate into another realm.

No matter what happens, the world is likely to see a great many more "silver orb" videos being posted to YouTube, now that personal communications includes high quality camera phones which are triggering the explosion of sightings alluded to by the questioner.

Here's the video: