Friday, 6 April 2012

USO's Off Californian Coast

Mufon Case Number: 37146
Date Submitted: 2012-04-05
Date of Event: 2012-03-14
Location of Event:  Pacifica, CA US

This event was observed by a large group of witnesses including a highly credible coworker that wishes to remain anonymous. While driving the coastal highway near the town of Pacifica California, this individual observed two very large, glowing objects in the ocean and roughly ¾ mile from the coastline. The evening sky, at approximately 6:30pm, was 100% overcast with no direct sunlight anywhere in sight. The glowing objects appeared as sharp ovals from this distance. But it was clear that the actual shapes were discs and were submerged in the ocean at an unknown depth. A group of witnessed developed as vehicles stopped to see. The observers shared their thoughts, and agreed that the two objects were in fact submerged and moving with indistinct patterns, but not in a way that resembled a worldly vehicle such as a submarine. The group also concluded that sunlight could not be the cause because there were no breaks in the dense cloud cover. Furthermore, the lights continued to project into the late evening until about 9pm, well past sundown. At some juncture during the event, a passing ship (perhaps a Coast Guard vessel) approached the objects in an attempt to investigate. The ship then quickly veered away from the objects in an apparent evasive maneuver to avoid confrontation. At this juncture, most of the witnesses were in fear of their safety and left the scene.