Thursday, 19 April 2012

'Snake Light' UFO Spotted over Florida (Video)

By Tom Rose

A UFO, shaped like a brightly lit, writhing snake, was caught on tape along highway I-75 in Florida. What is it?

The video shows the view outside the window of a car winding down the highway, caught on what appears to be an iPhone. So the image quality is not very high and the night is extremely dark.

But it's easy to make out what the camera is looking at as a group of unidentified flying objects seem to drop from the air over a distant hillside.

The bright, white and lighted orbs, never changing in color, are either hovering in the air or descending extremely slowly. And they seem to be acting in concert as a group, ruling out Chinese lanterns.

If the UFO is an example of a night-drop parachute team, they are dangerously close to one another, stacked in a twisting, vertical line, much like the slithering of a snake along the ground.

This sighting is unusual because of the tightly packed action of the orbs, rather than the "strung-out" appearance of the illuminated parachutes of a skydiving group, civilian or military.

The lights do not flicker or extinguish, so they also don't behave like lanterns or flares. So what is it? Here's the video: