Friday, 27 April 2012

'Accidental' UFO Caught on Tape at Skate Park (Video)

A silver, disc-shaped saucer UFO was accidentally caught on video by a skateboarder making a promo video at a skate park in Canada. What is it?

The video posted here is an out-take clip from the original filmed at the McKinney Skate Park in Ontario. The skateboarder who made the video intended to catch some skateboarding tricks for a promotional video for a local skate shop.

After posting the video to YouTube, it was pointed out that an unidentified flying object was unintentionally caught in several frames buzzing across the sky as the camera followed the action. (By the way, the camera catches a sick trick by the skateboarder too. Be on the lookout!)

Enlarging a frame from the video shows the now familiar UFO shape being caught on cameras worldwide. It's a silver disc, saucer-shaped, with no wings, no engines, no lights and no exhaust. It's not a bird, a kite, a plane, a jet, a balloon or a helicopter. So what is it? Here's the video: