Thursday, 29 March 2012

UFO News Links For Thursday 29th March 2012

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Argentina: Close Encounters in Antarctica

Bugging CEFAA with questions – Sarasota Herald-Tribune

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: Picture - Ring UFO Over Chaska, Minnesota

NASA UFO Files Revealed On Science Channel Special – Huffington Post

Dudley Dorito: UFO Caught on Camera Above Yorkshire [VIDEO] - IBTi...

Possible life on 100 planets, study says – Sydney Morning Herald

Bob Brown queries if alien life forms were killed by climate change at Greens’ 40th anniversay forum – Herald Sun

UFO Disclosure Petition fails US Congress - Canadian National News...

Ex-UNO prof believes in God, UFOs – Omaha World-Herald

Russian Roswell UFO Debris Is Part Of Area 51 Exhibit At National Atomic Testing Museum – Huffington Post

Project Silver Bug – The Top Secret Project to Build Flying Saucer...

Science Fiction or Fact: ET Will Look Like Us –

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: STUNNING Daytime ORB Footage From San Antonio

Multi-light UFO Caught on Infrared Security Cam – DBKP

Photojournalist Films Flying Saucer UFO, Report from Columbian New...

National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas has first ever exhibit on Area 51 on display – Art Daily

Silver Screen Saucers: The Silver Screen Saucers Project

Don’t join cover-up about UFOs in Wiltshire – This is Bath


Was it a UFO? Businessman stumped by ‘flying disk’ sighting over Dereham – Norfolk Eastern Daily Press

Kelly: Ex-UNO prof believes in God, UFOs -

Say Hello to an Extraterrestrial Ocean — and Maybe Extraterrestrial Life – Time

The Haunted Skies Project: Sun (The) 21.9.66

‘The Host’ Trailer: First Teaser Debuts For Stephanie Meyer’s Alien Love Thriller with Iko Uwais – International Business Times

Vintage U.F.O.: Roswell: The Comic #4, 1997

Barack Obama mum on aliens during Roswell visit – Calgary Herald