Sunday, 11 March 2012

Photojournalist Films Flying Saucer UFO, Report from Columbian News – Video


Mystery of two thousand dead fish with the burned scales after unidentified flying object lands on marsh

[Photo-Image: Barrancabermeja Columbia 'Flying Saucer' shaped UFO]

Video news report from Columbia of a flying saucer shaped UFO-OVNI photo by photojournalist Edgar Malagon working on a documentary in the ‘oil city’ of Barrancabermeja located in northeastern Columbia. Since we’re not fluent in Spanish we were unable to ascertain the date the photo or photos were taken. According to the Google translation of the video info, Malagon ‘captured images of two UFOs going at a high speed’ in the vicinity of Barrancabermeja. In January of 2011, the mystery of two thousand dead fish with the burned scales after an unidentified flying object, according to witnesses, landed on the water.

Video Info, Google translation:
Uploaded by JOSS7812 on Mar 10, 2012
The photojournalist, Edgar Malagon, a photojournalist for the mayor of Barrancabermeja, said that while on a photography work for a documentary on the oil city of Colombia, his camera captured images of two UFOs that were in the vicinity of the oil complex .
He argued that the two UFOs very perfect oval, going at high speed and ran over him at a distance no greater than one kilometer
Source: Caracol News
“Barrancabermeja is a city and municipality in Santander Department, in northeastern Colombia. It is located on the banks of the Magdalena River in the Middle Magdalena region, 110 km west of Bucaramanga. Founded in 1536, Barrancabermeja is home of the biggest petroleum refinery in Colombia, which is owned by the state company Ecopetrol. Petroleum farming and services comprise most of city’s economic activity.”
Two thousand fish killed in Colombia and attribute it to a UFO video

Video info, Google translation:
Residents of a town in northeastern Colombia say about 2,000 fish have been found dead last week after a strange object flying and flashing light was seen for a few seconds on a marsh in the region.
The case occurred in the village of El Llanito, in the jurisdiction of the city of Barrancabermeja, where several locals last Friday in the sky observed a flying object.
Shortly after dead fish began to float in the swamp, but unlike other similar cases attributed to lack of oxygen, this time the inhabitants of El Llanito struck them all with burns on the scales.
According to Magaly Gutiérrez, leader of a community organization, the phenomenon lasted about 20 seconds and was seen by many people.