Monday, 26 March 2012

Open Minds Massive Update (Video's)

A look inside Issue 13 (April / May 2012) of Open Minds Magazine.

Cover Story: 2012: The Mayans and UFOs. Other stories include "Do Extraterrestrials live on the Moon?," "White House UFO Petitions," "The 2010 Official Chilean Government UFO Report," an interview with UFO reporter Lee Speigel, an interview with Kim Arnold, and many more stories.

In the whirlwind of the alleged Roswell incident cover up lies a secret set of government documents that compiles a 12-man list of our nations finest scientists, military leaders, and government officials. These men were allegedly authorized by President Truman to investigate the Roswell incident, and were called the Majestic 12. The report of the Majestic 12 lurks in the shadows of UFO accounts, and its story woven through a web of top-secret memos, highly classified meetings, and clandestine operations.

Don Most, best remembered as Ralph from Happy Days, notions himself as an amateur ufologist. He is partnering with TV producer Bryce Zabel and Bridget Healey to produce a film surrounding the mystery of the Majestic 12, and the people who research it. Currently in the development stage, they hope this film will bring to light the mystery that surrounds this top secret government group.

Open Minds sat down with Don and Bryce at the latest International UFO Congress and got the inside scoop to the upcoming project.

This is the UFO news segment from the 3/19/12 episode of Open Minds Radio.

Grant Cameron runs the site However, we will not be talking about President and UFOs. Instead we will discuss Grant's amazing introduction to the field of Ufology. As a college student in Canada, Grant and his friends had a lot of idle time. Having heard about local UFO sightings, he and his friends decided to go check it out. This lead to an incredible adventure that caused Grant to dedicate much of his life to the study of UFOs. It is a great story about an ongoing mass UFO sighting that resulted in pictures and film. The UFO even got its own name, Charlie Redstar.

In this edition of the Open Minds Update, Maureen Elsberry discusses the El Bosque UFO captured on camera in Chile during a Chilean military air show as well as a solar flare that was mistaken as a refueling airship and explains the UFO captured in a rap video recently.

A look at how UFOs are presented by Hollywood and the mainstream media featuring interviews with Ben Hansen from SyFy's Fact or Faked, Lee Speigel from the Huffington Post, Don Most from Happy Days, Bryce Zabel, Richard Dolan, Jason McClellan from Open Minds and Don Schmitt.

Jordan Pease has been an important part of the International UFO Congress crew for over a decade. He also helped Steven Greer with the Disclosure Project and has started a metaphysical library. We will talk to Jordan about the IUFOC, what is was like to help the disclosure project in its infancy and what he thinks of the results. We will also talk about the unique library he helped start. This will be a great discussion on the evolution of the UFO phenomenon in the past couple of decades. For more information on the library visit: