Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mother and Daughter Witness UFO in Minnesota

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On February 5, 2012, a mother and her daughter encountered a UFO in Annadale, Minnesota. The unknown object moved through their neighborhood with a red light beaming to the ground.

The next day they found out that a friend's brother had also seen the object. He had been changing a flat tire at the same time the mother and daughter turned into the road heading home that night and first spotted the UFO.

Although the state does not receive a large number of UFO reports, there are two that are well known; the controversial case Minnesota Sheriff Car Hit by UFO in 1979, and the Duluth, Minnesota Lights of 1988.

There are two witnesses to this case, a mother and daughter. Here is the eyewitness testimony;

Arriving Home on a Sunday night
My daughter and I returned home from seeing a movie together on Sunday night at about 7:00 PM. We live in a rural location and our house is 1/4 mile down a gravel road after turning off of a highway.
We live just south of a small lake which has a row of homes about a 1/4 mile long stretching east to west. I pulled into the driveway right along the garage. It was dark and the yard light wasn't on.
My daughter got out first as I rummaged through the car to find whatever I needed to bring into the house with me.
Seconds later I heard my daughter yelling at me, "MOM, get out here!"
At first I thought she was just cold and crabby that the door was locked and she wanted me to hurry up, but she had raced back to the car and opened the door and yelled at me to get me out there.
I jumped out of the car and just east, to the right of us above the tree tops about 25 feet away and straight up, was a bright, pure red light that produced a red glow down into the entire back yards of our neighbors. It was slightly foggy too, which intensified the glow of the red.
I hadn't seen this red glow driving down the road or sitting in my car because the garage blocked my view. My daughter's response was, "MOM, what IS that?"

Mesmerized by the Sight
We stared at it sort of mesmerized because I have never seen anything like it before. My first reaction was that it looked like it was something with a bright light underneath hovering just above the tree tops and appeared to be moving away from us approximately 10 mph or so, just floating along.
We both just stared at it and I was sort of freaked. I said I have no idea what it is. The brilliant glowing red light then turned to a white light. The white wasn't as intense.
It was slightly foggy out, so it really looked eerie. I heard voices chattering in a distance so my logical mind said to my daughter, "Oh, it's got to be a firework spark just floating down or something."
I really did have the spooks and we both dashed into the house. I immediately asked my mom, whom I live with, "Did you hear any fireworks going off?"
Her response was, "No. I didn't hear any noises; nothing. It's been quiet."
I then thought to myself, "Oh my God, I think that was a UFO." I felt a shudder go through me. That was the last we talked about it until three days later.

Three Days Later
It was Wednesday and I did my usual morning walk with my friend and our dogs. He said his brother had called him last night and told him that he and his friend saw a UFO. My friend works in the county jail as a Sgt. and his brother wanted to know if anything was reported last Sunday night.
I asked him the details. He said his brother got a flat tire on his way home from ice fishing Sunday night. He had pulled off the highway and saw this fire-red light illuminating the trees all the way to the ground. It was hovering along the tree tops. I freaked out when I heard this.
I interrupted his story and told him what my daughter and I had seen. It was the same night. I kept saying to him, "Oh my God I saw a UFO." We talked about the subject of UFOs during the whole walk. He said he'd given his brother my phone number so we could talk that night.