Wednesday, 11 January 2012

UFO News: Invisible Triangle Mothership Caught on Infrared (Video)

By Tom Rose
January 10, 2012 08:35 PM EST

In the latest UFO news, a videographer using a night vision camera caught a triangular object flying overhead at night. The unidentified flying object is invisible and only shows up using an infrared lens.
The incredible video, attached below, is one of the spookiest, and highest quality, images ever caught on tape. The cameraman points out in the comments he used a Yukon Night Vision 5x42 digital (Infrared) camera. And it shows.

The triangular UFO flies smoothly across the night sky, never losing its shape, proving it's not three separate aircraft flying in formation. At one point, another airplane zooms by, apparently observing.
Commenters point out that stars may be seen through the UFO, making it impossible for it to be a solid object. But the YouTube poster, J Cattera, counters that, "In the normal light spectrum, the craft was 100% completely invisible. I confirmed this when I looked at it with normal binoculars while recording the footage with the IR camera."
No matter what one believes about this incredible UFO news, the video is absolutely mesmerizing and awesome.

Have a look: