Thursday, 12 January 2012

UFO News: Argentina OVNI Footage Enhanced - What Is It? (Video)

By Tom Rose
January 11, 2012 10:55 PM EST

In the latest UFO news, a video of an OVNI filmed in Argentina has been enhanced. What is it?
The unidentified flying object, filmed on January 4, 2011, over the Capital Federal District in Argentina, looks normal enough when first viewed. It's not clear at first why the cameraman decided there was something unusual flying nearby. The OVNI looks like a helicopter over some nearby high-rise buildings.
At one point, however, even in the un-enhanced footage, the object makes a weird dip near one of the building rooftop and flies erratically. Strange, but not unusual.
It's not until the object is viewed in the digitally enhanced sequence in the video below that it becomes clear this UFO is no helicopter or any other type of known aircraft.

It's circular, appears to be spinning and is obviously being controlled by a pilot as it navigates over and past rooftop obstacles. What can it be?
Have a look: